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  • What Is Ivermectin – A Detailed Overview Of The Ant Parasitic Drug
    Due to unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits, our body is getting more and more prone to different types of disease, out of which the parasite attack is the most common one. They can enter our body through handshakes, body touch, or sexual activity with those people who are already suffering from this parasitic infection. Earlier, these issues are very rare, but in recent times these issues have started increasing due to which people have started searching for the medicine that can cure this issue. One such medicine is Ivermectin which is known as the best salt for the treatment of many types of parasitic attack. So, if you are also willing to get treated with this medicine, then you should know some basic information about this medicine that is mentioned below. So, let’s get started.
  • About Ivermectin
    Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic salt that is marketed by the brand name of Ivel 12 mg in the Indian market. The manufacturers of this medicine are Dermawin pharmaceuticals who have incorporated 12 mg of Ivermectin salt in the medicine. The tablet is directly incorporated with the help of water in the body, and results are seen.
  • Uses Ivermectin
    Ivermectin medicine is an anti-parasite medicine which means that it is mostly used in the treatment of parasite attacks in the human body. The most common diseases for which this medicine is mostly advised to the patients are scabies and filariasis. Along with them, there are many round parasites and helminths that are treated with the help of this medicine. Sometimes there are some infections related to the intestinal area or eyes, which can also be treated with this medicine.
  • How do Ivermectin works?
    As we all are very well known that Ivermectin is an active salt that is kept under the category of anti-parasite. The function of the salts that are present in this category is that they will kill the parasite and remove their single piece from the body. Now, as the medicine enters the body, the active salt starts dissolving in the body and reaches the targeted portion that is near the parasitic cells. Now, as they find the cells, they start joining the parasite and start destroying the nuclear bases that are present inside them. Now the nuclear bases are the most important part that is needed for survival and growth. As this base ends, the protein sheet, which acts as a protection to these cells, starts removing. Now the parasites are prone to the attack of our body's protection system, which will sooner or later remove all the parasites that are body, and you can live a normal life again.
  • Ivermectin Dosage
    The dose requirement of the Ivermectin medicine can be a little tricky task. The manufacturer never decides the dose of the medicine that a person has to consume in a day. That is why the important work of assigning the dose to the patient is in the hand of the physician. Now when you visit one, then they will start examining the level of a parasite infection that your body is suffering from. After they access the situation, they will set a dose for the patient. Now there are some points that should be kept in mind while consuming the medicine. Ivermectin is a normal medicine that is required to be taken with water and should be swallowed directly. One should never take the Ivermectin medicine and start chewing or grinding it with their teeth. The medicine should be taken empty stomach, and there should be a gap between the medicine and food consumption. Either you should take medicine an hour ago food or take medicine 2 hours after you have your meal. Just remember that don't miss the deadline; otherwise, you may miss the next dose. -> Missed Dose The missed dose of this medicine is not of any tension as it does not affect the treatment too much. Still, it would help if you looked at the watch as you remember that you have missed the dose. If the time left for the next dosage is more than you must consume the dose, and on the other hand, if you notice that the time is not sufficient, then you must not make up for the dose that you have missed and only concentrate on the dose that is coming. -> Overdose If by mistake you have taken more than the prescribed dose of the medicine, then you should not panic and look at how your body reacts to the medicine. If the reaction of the body is normal, then you should not bother your physician or any other helping body, but if your body starts reacting in some unusual way after the overdose of the salt, then you should contact your physician as soon as possible and ask out for some help. They will tell you the way through which you can decrease the effectiveness of the medicine on your body.
  • Warnings that are associated with Ivermectin
    There are some warnings issued by the manufacturing company with the medicine that you should keep in the back of your mind always while consuming Ivermectin. They are mentioned below. One should never consume alcohol when they are treated with this medicine as it can decrease the efficiency of the medicine or may also alter the working. The consumption of tobacco and non-medicinal drugs is also banned as its interaction with the drug is not appreciable. If a woman is pregnant, then they should never consume even a single tablet of this medicine without the consultancy. There may be or may not be chances that the medicine does not work well in the cases of pregnant ladies. Those women who are breastfeeding should stop this medicine consumption as the salt passes with the milk inside the body of a child and may cause some issues to the child in their growth phase. Driving or doing some other work after this medicine consumption should not be done as concentrating is a bit hard after taking this medicine. Small children should never be treated with Ivermectin as it can cause harm to their bodies. Always consult your doctor if you are having some medical history related to liver or kidney as the medicine can affect them. · One should always store the medicine at room temperature and keep it away from humidity and sunlight.
  • Ivermectin Side Effects
    The side effects that are linked with the Ivermectin medicine are not much serious. There are some basic side effects that the body may show up when you are starting the consumption of the medicine. Most of the side effects out of the list will disappear as your body will get used to the drug which you are consuming. Still, you should know that what are the side effects? When a patient starts taking medicine, then they have noticed that there is a small amount of pain that they can feel in their abdominal area. Due to this pain, they are unable to move their body flexibly. Dizziness is the most common side effect that is often associated with most of the medicine. One may feel nausea and dizziness due to this medicine which calls in for some rest, and the situation will improve. People are unable to eat properly after they consume this medicine, and the reason they have found behind this is changing in their appetite due to consumption of this medicine. Diarrhea is also a side effect one may suffer due to Ivermectin. Sometimes the feet and hands of the person start swelling when they consume this medicine continuously, which may also show up in their whole limbs. Sometimes it can be painful also. A person can also feel headache due to this medicine consumption which can be improved with a little rest. Skin rashes may increase with the consumption of this medicine and can also result in irritation. In some severe cases, a person may also notice that as they take medicine, the temperature of their body starts rising.
  • FAQs:
    -> Can you take Ivermectin every day?. If you are thinking of consuming the Ivermectin, then there is no such issue involved with that. Most of the physicians that you are going to visit to discuss your parasitic infection issue will suggest to you that for better recovery, you should take one dose of medicine at least, which may also increase or decrease according to the requirement of the body for removal of that parasite. -> How Long Does It Take for Ivermectin to show its results? The time period that is taken by Ivermectin to show its potential results are not fixed. There are many elements like what is the level of infection that is present in your body and also how positively does your body reacts to the medicine? That is why the amount of time that is taken by the medicine to show some good results may vary; that is why there is no clinical proof of this medicine results timing.